Advancing Rural Wisconsin to Support Our Schools and Communities : Links


"Can Rural America Support a Knowledge Economy?" – Economic Review, Third Quarter 2004 (Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City)

"The Difference One Mosquito Can Make" – Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC)

The Hobbit Effect: Why Small Works in Public Schools – The Rural School and Community Trust

National Rural Education Association

"NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND ACT: Additional Assistance and Research on Effective Strategies Would Help Small Rural Districts" – United States Government Accountability Office (GAO)

"Outsourcing High Tech Jobs to Rural America" – National Public Radio

Phelps School District

The Pulse of Small Town and Rural America – The National Association of Development Organizations Research Foundation (NADO)

Regional, Public and Community Affairs Division of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City (including what was formerly known as the Center for the Study of Rural America)

"Rural Education: A New Perspective is Needed at the U.S. Department of Education" – Journal of Research in Rural Education

The Rural Educator – Journal published by the National Rural Education Association

Rural education resources – U.S. Dept of Education, Institute of Education Sciences (IES), National Center for Education Statistics (NCES)

Rural Renaissance Network

The Rural School and Community Trust

Sustainable Communities Network

Wisconsin Rural Partners

Wisconsin Rural Leadership Program – University of Wisconsin-Extension



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